ItemRevision XYZ4TestRevision with empty property xyz4Property
This Revision has also a relation XYZ4RelationRel that could contain a form XYZ4Form1.

You want to write a value “Yes” on the property xyz4Property, if XYZ4TestRevision has XYZ4Form1 related on XYZ4RelationRel.

Use at your own risk!

use TC11Prod

begin transaction -- you can use rollback in the end just for testing  or commit to writing the changes!

sr set pxyz4Property='Yes'
PXYZ4TESTREVISON  sr --use all capital letters
inner join PIMANRELATION rel on rel.rprimary_objectu = sr.puid
inner join PXYZ4RELATIONREL srel on srel.puid = rel.puid --use all capital letters for the Relation
inner join PFORM fo on fo.puid = rel.rsecondary_objectu
inner join PWORKSPACEOBJECT wo on wo.puid = fo.puid

sr.pxyz4Property is null and wo.pobject_type = 'XYZ4Form1' -- only revisions with empty property and this related form

rollback -- reverses anything

commit -- do changes  (instead of "rollback")