There are muliple ways to dispay a a property or a LOV (List Of Values)  in RAC Stylesheet:

renderingStyle="headed" />

Default (when nothing is given)
renderingStyle="titled" /> 

Text above value field
renderingStyle="headless" />

No text, just the value field

 <property name="item_id" renderingStyle="headless" />


For text based properties:
renderingHint="label" />
Display a property only as text, no change possible in this stylesheet.

renderingHint="textfield" />
Shows a single textfield. You can use this for properties with longer lengh, when default is displaying a textarea.

renderingHint="textarea" column="40" row="10" />
You can define the columns and rows of a textarea

example: <property name="item_id" renderingHint="label" />

For links and references:
renderingHint="commandbutton" />
Shows a link as a command button

For LOVs:
renderingHint="array" />
Shows an Array field

renderingHint="lovuicomp" />
Shows a LOV field (multiselection with Ctrl possible, if property is an array)

renderingHint="lovcombobox" />
Shows LOV field without features (no multiselection possible)

renderingHint="checkboxoptionlov" />
Shows all values in a view with checkboxes (multiselection possible in array)

renderingHint="radiobuttonoptionlov" />
Shows all values in a view with radioboxes (multiselection possible in array)

renderingHint="togglebuttonoptionlov" />
Shows all values in a view with command buttons to toggle on or off. (multiselection possible in array)