Something Teamcenter does not like very much is the deletion of things in the data model. It takes the utmost care!

Here are some rules an NOGOs:


Reload your projekt before deploy in BMIDE.
If there is a BIG issue, you will see it in BMIDE-console.

Open Extension files and search for leftovers of the deleted object.
In some case there will be a “Property Attachment” or something else over
(also in the lang-files of the extensions). If you are sure this must not exist,
delete the section in xml an reload your projekt!

Delete a Property:
First unattach LOVs, reset all custom settings like “modifyable” “copy from original” “initial value”.
Delete and reload Project after saving. Search for leftovers in extension-files.
Do not add the same property in the same sesson. Make a deploy between.

Delete a LOV:
Unattach all poperties are linked to the LOV.

Delete a BusinessObjekt (like an Item):

Supreme discipline!
First delete all Objekts in RichClient. There must no leftovers in the database.
Use “General” Search with “Type”. Use a Wildcard for search. e.g. MyOwnItem*
This achieves that you will find all other Types like …*Revision or …*Masterform* Types.
These Forms are the most reason a deploy crashes. In some case you are sure you have delete
all Items but one or two of this forms are leftover…

Delete from the lowest: Delete all custom Properties (see Delete a Property),
solve all DeepCopy, GRM and Operation Descriptors.
Reset all other modifications. (you can use the extension file in an editor for reference.
Delete and reload Project after saving. Search for leftovers in extension-files.

Delete and add the same Objekt:
Ok, things going weird…
You have a property, String, 300. It is to long, you want to change it.
Ok, that is not possible in TC (you can only enlarge the size).
So you delete the property and add a new with the right size.
Big Mistake! You can do this, BUT you have to deploy between delete and add.
Otherwise the deploy crashes….