Case: You make a change in BMIDE and want to deploy it.
So, hot or cold? And whats the difference?

You can deploy directly over BMIDE.
This is only good for non-schema changes.
Create new Items or other business objects is schema change.

Hotdeploy is good for adding a value to a LOV or changing
displayname for properties (or add some properties).

Do NOT deploy on job during the worktime, even it is possible,
because it can produce strange errors for working users or
block changes items…

Every time you make a hotdeploy restart TC-Server Manager or do
“restart warm servers”. You can do this in a little downtime over lunch break
or after work.

This deploy happens in TEM (Environment Manager). It is a full update
of the business model in database and can deploy everything, schema
and non-schema changes.

It requires downtime and a restart of the Server Manager.

TC Deploy is not a friend of deleting something. You will get the most Errors and long nights
if you delete something… Read here for more informations…