Shows and edit User- and Person- data

Use at your own risk!

select * from PPOM_USER
shows all user in the database
Info: pstatus 0=active, pstatus 1=deactive

select * from PPOM_USER WHERE PPOM_USER.puser_id='infodba'
shows only the user infodba

UPDATE PPOM_USER set PPOM_USER.pstatus=0 WHERE PPOM_USER.puser_id='tom'
activates one user (do not de/activate infodba via sql)

UPDATE PPOM_USER set PPOM_USER.pstatus=1 WHERE NOT PPOM_USER.puser_id='infodba'
deactivates all TC-Users except the infodba.

select * from PPERSON
shows all Persons with their data

you can bulk update person data by using sql instead of the Rich Client.
e.g. update the phone-number:
UPDATE PPERSON set PPERSON.pPA10='+4x (0)12 345 678' WHERE PPERSON.puser_name='Tester Tom'

To create a person/user, you have to use the TC-Tool in cmd, like:

make_user -u=infodba -p=infodba -g=dba -person=”Tommy Surname” -user=tommy-password=tommy -OSuser=tommy -group=Engeneering -status=0 -licenselevel=author