POM has not started:

Mostly a database connection problem.
In one case it is a false tem_init.bat on Server in TC12 (missing KEYMANAGER var)


  • SQL Service running? -> Start SQL Service or restart whole server
  • Database in Database Management Console “online”? -> try to set online
  • Available free disk space for DB_Data and LOG Files? -> IT has to increase disk space
  • License Server online and available? (CAD License works?) -> Restart License Server and check LogFiles and Firewall
  • “clearlocks -verbose” or “install -ayt” in a TC-command shell works?
    No? Try “list_users” and open the Logfile in %temp%
    Some errors about KEYMANAGER?
    Solution: Go to %TC_Root%\install\tem_init.bat
    and insert TC_USE_KEYMANAGER=false
    (this happen if you copy this file from TC11 to TC12)